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Don’t be confused

The first book in the Can You Mend It? series  is called Part 1- Reunion as of April 2015. The subtitle was initially ‘An interrupted love story’ as many of you will still remember. Now that there are three books, which basically all belong to the ‘Interrupted love story’ I decided to change the subtitle of the first book. It just makes things clearer for those who are just starting with the series now.

So, everyone who’s already read part 1: Don’t be confused. I renamed it. Or actually, I just changed the subtitle… from ‘An interrupted love story’ to ‘Part 1 – Reunion’.

Changed subtitle

The scene it all started with…

This book developed around a scene that I have had in my head for maybe twenty years and decided to put into a story only two years ago.
The scene it all started with is the one where Joe brings D the phone she had dropped in his car and he finds her listening to the CD he made her.
When I first started writing this down I realized how hard it is to find the right words to get the feeling across.  The first steps were really hard and the first drafts just horrible…