Who’s Who? in CAN YOU MEND IT?

A quick overview of who is who in the book/s. Even though it really isn’t that complicated…

Joe Sarah’s younger brother and D’s ex-boyfriend
Liz Joe’s girlfriend of three years that he just left
Sarah D’s best friend and Joe’s sister
D/ Danielle Sarah’s best friend and Joe’s ex-girlfriend
Jack Joe’s best friend, also friends with Sarah and D
Pete D’s boyfriend that she just broke up with
Robert D’s older brother
Ann Robert’s girlfriend
Carrey, Rick, Sun, Tony, Anja Friends of Joe, Sarah, D and Jack
Gerry Anja’s husband
Kim Tony’s girlfriend
Steve Liz’s older brother and Joe’s business partner at Reilley&Davis
Eric Steve’s assistant at Reilley&Davis
June D’s favorite colleague that she shares an office with
Harry D’s boss at Swan&Co

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