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Your irritation with Danielle

One thing I realized through several reviews and talks with friends who’ve read the books: There seems to be a special irritation  women feel with Danielle and the fact that she doesn’t just fall into Joes arms and forgives him.
Some call her stupid, some weak, low self-esteem….
I can’t follow. Really.
And I want to ask these women one thing: If you were in Danielle’s shoes (and I’ve been there!), would you seriously just fling yourself at him again?
Maybe I made a mistake by writing the book with a lot of insight into Joe’s thoughts and feelings – so much, in fact, that female readers fall for him in a heartbeat.
In Danielle’s shoes you’d be extremely scared, I guarantee you that. He’s hurt you once… And he’s cool and good-looking and he’s here. And you know exactly that he’s still your one, big weakness. Even though, generally, you’re everything but weak.

Anyway, whenever feelings are involved, the smartest, most focused people lose their composure. And to me, Danielle is great. And she does love him. It just takes a while to allow it…

So, if you hate Danielle, please feel free to let me know how you would have behaved in her place. Realistically! I’d really love to know.



How people’s tastes differ

Having published the Can You Mend It? series, there has been times where I almost wished I’d kept it to myself. Simply because some people’s opinions on the books are just mind-boggling.
For some, there’s too much sex!?!
Others are bored to death if the protagonists aren’t kissing after the third page.
All in all I have learned not to really care what people write and say about my books. It just shows how totally different people’s tastes are and that it’s impossible to please everyone.

Interrupted Love Story Prequel?

I am actually working on the Prequel to CAN YOU MEND IT? Part 1 to 3. It takes place when Joe and D first meet. I have had several good scenes already written when I published part 1. They were meant as a flashback, but everything would have gotten too long and too confusing. So, currently I am trying to fill in the gaps and come up with some new ideas.

Don’t be confused

The first book in the Can You Mend It? series  is called Part 1- Reunion as of April 2015. The subtitle was initially ‘An interrupted love story’ as many of you will still remember. Now that there are three books, which basically all belong to the ‘Interrupted love story’ I decided to change the subtitle of the first book. It just makes things clearer for those who are just starting with the series now.

So, everyone who’s already read part 1: Don’t be confused. I renamed it. Or actually, I just changed the subtitle… from ‘An interrupted love story’ to ‘Part 1 – Reunion’.

Changed subtitle


I’ve got a surprise – and this is the reason why Part 2 is taking a little longer than planned: There is actually a Part 3…
It’s basically finished and will conclude the story.
I wrote it simultaneously with Part 2 – mainly to make sure that everything really fits together and to save readers from another annoying months-long wait inbetween books.

Part 2 will be released in approximately 2 weeks, Part 3 probably four to six weeks later.